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Why is hardiebacker 42 thick

Make passes with a utility or scoring knife. Place one hand and knee firmly along the score line, then use the opposite hand to pull the board upwards. The highest strength of competitive cement boards to enable a solid foundation for your tile job. HardieBacker's unique cement formulation provides excellent tile adhesion to help protect your work - and your reputation. No fillers or abrasive aggregates. Less dust than competitive boards when cutting. Less mess and clean-up than other cement boards.

Customize this Site Customize this Site. Enter your zip code. Enter Zip Code Not your zip code? Update it now. Superior Underlayment. Install the most preferred brand of backer board for your next tile job. Made Better. Installs Better.

What Size Backer Board for Installing Tile Around a Tub?

Easy to cut to any size: just score and snap Clean cuts allow edges to align tightly Less dust and debris when cut.

Performs Better. Unique cement formulation and uniform composition help prevent damage from moisture Excellent tile adhesion to help protect tile work. Ease of Use and Performance. Simple Score and Snap Make passes with a utility or scoring knife. A Strong Foundation The highest strength of competitive cement boards to enable a solid foundation for your tile job. Excellent Tile Adhesion HardieBacker's unique cement formulation provides excellent tile adhesion to help protect your work - and your reputation.

Ready to get started? HardieBacker cement board is available at Lowes, Home Depot and specialty tile shops. Be sure to download installation, warranty information and more below.

Find answers to commonly asked questions about HardieBacker cement board. Learn More.Choosing a home siding can be a daunting process. It's a whole new arena to become familiar with and it's not uncommon to have questions. Here we've compiled homeowners' most frequently asked questions.

Staircase Remodel DIY - With update details

How much does HardiePlank lap siding cost? Your contractor will give you an estimate that includes labor and materials, based on your specific project. This will give you the best idea of how much siding will cost for you.

How do your prices compare to the prices of brick and vinyl?

Frequently Asked Questions

James Hardie provides a 1 year limited product warranty for HardiePanel used as skirting on a mobile home. How is HardieWrap weather barrier better than other housewraps?

In independent testsHardieWrap weather barrier outperformed its nearest competition in each of these categories: water holdout, air penetration resistance and tear resistance. How much does HardieWrap weather barrier cost? HardieWrap weather barrier is competitively priced. Where can I find installation instructions and best practice guides for James Hardie Building Products? What thickness is used in floor applications? Is a vapor barrier required? However, we recommend HardieBacker if you need to make a smooth transition to drywall.

why is hardiebacker 42 thick

The board must be mechanically fastened every 8'' on center to the wood or metal studs spaced a maximum of 16'' on center. A vapor barrier is needed if required by local building codes. Which side goes up, smooth or rough? Either is acceptable, but we recommend that the smooth side with the nailing pattern of every 8" on center go up. HardieBacker board is not designed for use over concrete. Unmodified thinset ANSI This decreases the probability of popping or cracking tiles due to deflection and air pockets.

What do you mean by ''modified thinset''? The thinset can be fortified in a pre-mixed powder form or with a liquid additive. It is a structural adhesive generally used to bond the subfloor to the floor joists just prior to nailing. It creates a very solid joint between the surface of the floor joist and the subfloor and aids in reducing floor squeak.

The properties of Liquid Nails are such that it is applied via a tube in the form of a bead-like caulking. It is not trowelable like a mortar and therefore results in high ridges with unsupported areas that can deflect under load, resulting in cracked tile. Where HardieBacker board is being installed directly to wood or metal framing, the use of a structural adhesive in addition to mechanical fastening can be used.

However, the board must be forced into the structural adhesive almost immediately upon application to insure that no ridge or crown is formed. The creation of a crown or ridge will result in an additional thickness of mortar being applied to fill in the valley created by the crown.Backer board is a cement or cement-and-fiber-based board used as a substrate for tile and stone installations.

It is water resistant and won't swell if it comes in contact with water through a crack or leak in the tile installation. There are many different kinds of backer board and they come in a few different sizes and thicknesses. Determining the proper size for your job helps ensure that the installation lasts. While tub sizes vary, the vast majority are approximately 5 feet long and less than 3 feet wide.

You need to tile from the top of the tub to a minimum of 3 inches above the showerhead, if not all the way to ceiling. You also need to extend the tile a few inches past the tub on each side to help protect the walls. For a tub installation of this size, it makes the most sense to purchase backer boards measuring 5 by 3 feet. One board installed vertically on each end of the tub and two boards installed horizontally across the back of the tub.

Keep in mind that this also requires a waterproofing membrane laid on top of the plywood to protect it from swelling on contact with moisture. Fiber cement board is the other common type of cementitious backer board. It is made of a mixture of cement that has been reinforced by fiber throughout. It can be used in dry and wet areas and is water durable for use in tub surrounds.

It is traditionally used on walls where the tile does not cover the entire wall, because the board can be finished with paint. If one of the walls of your tub surround extends out into the bathroom you have the option of tiling the "dry" portion of this wall or leaving it bare and painting it.

In this case, the backer board you use on the tub surround needs to transition to the drywall evenly. Sarabeth Asaff has worked in and has written about the home improvement industry since She has written numerous articles on art, interior design and home improvements, specializing in kitchen and bathroom design.

A member in good standing with the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Asaff has working knowledge of all areas of home design. By Sarabeth Asaff Updated December 14, Travertine for Showers: Will It Leak? About the Author.View Full Version : Why is Hardiebacker. I'm sure this has been answered ad nauseum but in my search I couldn't find so I apologize.

why is hardiebacker 42 thick

Is the answer just use Duroc and forget it? No idea why it is the size that it is someone on here will. The benefits don't outweigh the problem with it though. You say you're doing a tub how do you plan to water proof? If you were going to do plastic behind it the the tiling is problematic in either case the hardy is a thirsty substrate. If you want easy of cutting durock I use a angle grinder never a knife.

I get clean edges from mark to mark with no break off or crumble. Durock is my go to backer board 1 day I will break down and buy the foam. Jeff, I don't think we were ever able to get a useful answer to that question even back when we had our very own James Hardie rep here on the site.

They manage to keep a very substantial market share the way it is, so not much incentive for them to fix the problem. The answer is, of course, just what you said; use a different product. My opinion; worth price charged.

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On the upside, think of the extra room you'll gain in your shower. Every fraction of an inch counts! But a real answer? If you can make a product using less materials to save on production costs and still sell it for the same price as the competition My personal thought on this is that the tile's overlap between the tiled area and drywall is usually fairly small. The thinset on the HB will make the back of the tile, on average, be nearly equal to the height of the drywall.

On a wall, you don't need much thinset coverage under the tile overhanging onto the drywall, and having it closer to zero means it's neater looking.

why is hardiebacker 42 thick

If the tile just ended at the HB, the bottom of the tile would normally be about flush with the drywall, giving a cleaner look with the edge of the tile and no thinset showing on the edge.

Why is Hardiebacker. Seriously, it's more about what ToolGuy said. Imo there are better products out there to use instead of Hardibacker these days. In my area, it's a couple of bucks more per sheet. Not worth it, in my opinion. I did a small stair project with Hardi, and the thickness made no difference; however, difficult cutting and the produced dust persuaded me look for an alternative when I began my first of two complete bath remodels.

I guess I'll just use the Duroc. I think I'd prefer the backer to line up with the drywall for various reasons. As for the question of the water membrane.Our Resources Be More Involved in Your Health Care: Tips for Patients Patients get better care when they talk with their doctor.

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